Who We Are

ATNMY was born on Canadian ice rinks, hardwood courts and grass fields, in our weight rooms, pools and locker rooms. In all of these places Canadian athletes have thrived and competed, both nationally and on the world-stage, gaining respect and influence. Now, we've built their new arena. A place to use the influence that has been cultivated over generations of unparalleled sweat and hard work.

ATNMY is the influencer marketing platform built to empower our athletes to work with the brands they love, and give those brands unmatched efficiency in growing their brand awareness, engagement and sales by working with the most influential athletes around. Founder, Nathaniel Behar, is an active CFL Wide Receiver who has felt these problems first hand. His career as a professional football player gave rise to the need to disrupt the marketing industry at large. ATNMY is the solution.

For athletes, by athletes.

Our Team